Fotodiox D220 Strobe Kit, 3x D220 Monolight Heads, 2x 6.5 Ft Stand, 1x Back Light Stand, 2x 20×28

  • All Metal Construction Body for Heavy Duty Use.
  • Great for location Use
  • 24 Month Manufactory Warranty

The Fotodiox monolight features key necessities needed to have beautiful yet extremely portable lighting. Compact and powerful, the D-Series lights has its reflector built into the light itself, so all the light is always reflected forward and very little is lost to ‘spillage’. The D-Series Monolights were designed by photographers who have worked with digital photography, making them digital friendly for both beginners and professionals. On the control panel there are two switches; a modeling light switch for on/off and a unit power main switch. The included PC sync cord socket can be used to connect cable to a camera or light meterÆs PC terminal. The Ready light indicator lets you know when the light unit is ready for use and the test button allows you to test the flash without firing the camera. The built-in slave can is used to trigger the light by other flash sources; there is one on the back of the unit and the top so it can catch the other d-series lights no matter where they may be positioned. There is also an output adjustment knob to go from full power smoothly all the way down to 1/16. Each head weighs only 3 pounds and is 3╛ inches square by 10 inches long. This kit is perfect for small studios and on-the-go photographers who need to be lightweight and portable! D-220 Light Kit Includes: 3x D-220 Fotodiox Monolight Studio Strobe (220w/s each head), 2x 6’8″ Fotodiox Light Stands, 1x Floor Stand, 2x D-Series 20″ x 28″ Softboxes, 1x D-Sereis Barndoor & Gel Kit, 3x 8′ PC Sync Cords, 3x 15′ Power Cords, 1x FlashAngle Radio Slave Kit wity 2x Receivers, 1x Fotodiox D-series Carring Case.


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